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STAR Counselling runs groups which are facilitated by counsellors skilled in groupwork

Our Groups

STAR Counselling offer a variety of groups. Before you start your counselling journey, you will be asked in your pre-allocation call if you are interested in attending these. We will also check in with you monthly by phone, email or letter and mention the groups we are running for the coming year.

STAR-Light Steps

These are standalone groups, separate from the groups which you would have when you are either waiting for or in therapy. The STAR-Light Steps are available once you have finished your 1:1 counselling and will give you the tools to find confidence, self-esteem, and purpose in life.

Topics include:

  • How you judge yourself
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-esteem and Power of Purpose
  • Relieving pressure and stress

STARting with YOU

These groups are here to provide you with some support while you are on our 1:1 counselling waitlist.

Topics include:

  • Trauma
  • Window of Tolerance
  • Attachment
  • Relationships
  • Boundaries

Growing with YOU

These groups here to provide you with some extra support alongside your 1:1 counselling.

Topics include:

  • Core Beliefs
  • Compassion
  • Guilt, Blame, and Shame
  • Loss and Letting Go

Space to Share

This group is a male only group, designed to offer men a space to share and is part of a wider counselling approach bespoke to men.

Groups give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, others, and the world around us. Group facilitators provide a safe environment for all group participants, and each week a different topic is taught and discussed. A range of groups run every 6 weeks. The group you attend will depend on your counselling journey. There are several that run at a variety of timeslots and days.

Sessions are either face-to-face or online, depending on your preferences and availability. The services we offer are private and confidential. We will tell you more about this when we meet for the first time.

Some of the topics we focus on include:

  • Understanding of what boundaries are and how important a role boundaries play in our own personal wellbeing
  • Learning what compassion is to enable you to implement compassion for yourself
  • An understanding of different attachment styles and what they mean to us
  • What are core beliefs? How do we understand them?

Firstly thank you again for all your help. I’ve learned a lot about how my actions (verbal and physical) can have lasting affects on people and how to taking a step back and assess the situation correctly in order to make sure that response is appropriate and how what I say/do will affect that situation/person.

I’ve also been show how past experiences change/shape our beliefs and what we think is right and wrong and that there is going to be times and situations that are going to be challenging, but i know that i need continue challenging the old beliefs and continue to put into practice what I have learnt in order to change this and not fall back into habits

I also have a better understanding in how my actions and how I interact with people and situations will also start to shape the beliefs if the people that look up to you as a role model, children being the most important as the will grow up reaction in the same way they have seen even if it is the wrong way to act.

A client

What people say

"I didn’t realise I still had so many addictive behaviours."

"Group therapy is such a powerful thing. I have learnt so much about myself by attending groups that I sometimes think I would never be able to learn so much from my individual sessions."

"Our session on anger was useful as it allowed me to be more reflective"

"I recognised unhealthy coping strategies and have been able to be more aware of the seeds I water"

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