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It’s important to be strategic in how we approach counselling with different groups. Which is why we tailor make our approaches. Below are relevant strategies to the counselling methods we use.

Strategy for Engaging with Disadvantaged and Marginalised Males

The purpose of this strategy is to ensure there is understanding and a consistent approach to engage with men, and especially those from disadvantaged or marginalised communities.

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If you would like to access any policies or strategies then please contact or call either our office in Fareham 01329 760260 or our office in Portsmouth 02392 794357

Counselling Sustainability
Develop a new strategic bid for
a holistic solution for Counselling
with YOU, Circles of Support and
the National Lottery

PARAGON Sustainability
Continue to develop PARAGON
to ensure we win/retain
contracts and grants

Counselling Inclusivity Continue to develop authentic voices, with representation from all groups we work with, targeting underrepresented groups

PARAGON Inclusivity
Work with partners to build on our Basingstoke model with all women escaping VAWG. Return our Dorset refuge to a diversity house.

Counselling Identity Analysing data to ensure we are connecting with all communities we represent, including BAME, LGBTQ+ and other marginalised peoples

PARAGON Training
Continue to develop and deliver excellent CPD accredited training. Develop Dragonfly to include a children’s programme

Partnership working

To develop PARAGON Counselling as a specialist DVA counselling team, invest in training and develop pathways with other organisations

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