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Six Core Principles of Trauma Informed Working

The six core principles of trauma informed practice are what guides our counsellors. They form the positive experiences in the here and now and are key to trauma recovery. At STAR counselling we will support you to approach your experiences, safely and ‘relationally’. This means how you are in relationship with your-self and the world around you. We believe this is the cornerstone to understanding how to process and regulate emotionally, cognitively and physically, to become healthy relationally.

Six core principles


Ensuring physical, psychological and emotional safety


Creating respectful environments where personal boundaries are maintained


Offering cultural aware and gender responsive services


Creating environments where individuals have choice and control


Making decisions with the individual and sharing power


Prioritising empowerment and skill building (Harris and Fallot 2009)

I recognised unhealthy coping strategies and have been able to be more aware of the seeds I water

A client

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