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STAR Retreat days

STAR retreat days are offered once a month on a Saturday. They’ve been hugely successful with the people we work with as they are able to express themselves in a variety of ways.

We make use of both internal and external facilitators, all of whom are qualified.

This is a service that is both accessible by those on a waiting list and the people we are already working with.

Each day is run by two facilitators with support from at least two counsellors. We offer refreshments and snacks throughout the day which is made up of between six to eight people.

We usually have between four and five workshops which vary in theme. Some might be music based, others might channel your inner child. All the workshops are designed to help deal with issues that may stop you from being your best self.

Some of the workshops include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Various art classes
  • Sound Bath
  • Drumming/music therapy
  • Somatic Experience
gold bowl
retreat yoga

Our staff join in with the workshops which helps to alleviate pressure to participate. This helps create a safe and supportive space where participants can explore their feelings. No one is pressured to engage if they are not comfortable.

At the end of the day our clients leave the retreat with a well-being treat bag to remember the day. And, more importantly, many leave and report feeling more relaxed and better connected to themselves.

If you’re interested in coming along or receiving more information on our retreats, please get in touch

Tel: 01329 760260


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