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Space to share groups for men

Space to share is a group session specifically tailored to men who have experienced sexual trauma. It’s designed taking into account the complex nuances that are involved in regards to how society treats male victims of sexual abuse. Sexual assault and rape may lead to confusion about sexual orientation and societal perception of ‘men as aggressors and women as victims’ may conflict with your own experiences. This can often trigger anger and self-loathing. 

Individual counselling is available face-to-face or virtually, with camera on or off via app or mobile phone.

We offer 15-minute, 30-minute, and full hour counselling sessions according to your preference. We offer a 6-week group work programme aimed at adults and which can be beneficial both pre- and post- counselling as it focuses on skill building and learning about oneself.

When we can, we use male facilitators. And if a session will be run by a female facilitator, we’ll notify you before.

While our team are based in Hampshire and on the Isle of Wight, we work with men who experience sexual violence/abuse in the context of domestic abuse in Dorset, Somerset, and West Sussex. So, we offer all virtual elements in these areas.


Space to share groups for men

We work with colleagues and partners who understand that to ensure that our work is inclusive and for all male communities.

Making sure your voice and experiences are heard is one of our goals. And it can be beneficial to acknowledge the positive impacts that talking through experiences can have. This helps in healing as well as in encouraging other males to seek help.

Space to share programme structure

We approach our counselling in a non-conventional way. We know that some may not want their family or friends to know they are looking for help, so we tailor the counselling around you. This means we can offer specialist counselling at a time that suits you. With counselling available virtually, face- to-face, by phone, text, or email. We work with each person to find their own personal space that will allow them to share.

The 6-week adult group programme focuses on a range of topics. These include:

  • communication
  • conflict management
  • understanding anger/core beliefs
  • relationship and needs
  • loss
  • grief

The end of the programme explores guilt, blame, and shame. Space to Share is about coming to terms with the abuse. Learning to live with it, and moving on and away from it. We have aspirations to build an allotment project, which may be another way for you to seek support and recovery. If you wish to join, please speak with the team.

Space to share clients

Male client

‘Group therapy is such a powerful thing. I have learnt so much about myself by attending groups’

Male client

‘I always find these sessions very helpful.’

Male client

‘Provided me with an understanding of how I manage conflict.’

Male client

‘Realising where I am stuck and working through it.’

Male client

‘I recognised unhealthy coping strategies and have been able to be more aware of the seeds I water.’

Male client

‘Our session on anger was useful as it allowed me to be more reflective.’

Space to share groups for men contact details

If you would like to know more abut our Space to Share groups, please email us:


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