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STAR retreats

Our STAR retreats are a day of holistic and therapeutic workshops. They help with the healing process and are run by trained counsellors. Previous workshops have included:

For other retreats, we plan on doing music therapy with drums and inviting a PAT dog. We host them on a Saturday once or twice a month from 09:45-14:45 in our Fareham Counselling Centre.

We find it very important to get feedback from the people we have sessions. It helps us learn and create even more comfortable retreats. Thank you to those who let us know what they thought! Here are some:

The thing I liked best about the retreat is the welcoming and friendly staff and the therapeutic workshops.

The benefits were huge!

What I liked best about this retreat is meeting lots of people that have similar experiences.

I would recommend this retreat; it was fun and relaxing.

What I liked best about the retreat was the relaxing and loving environment, with freedom to explore in a comfortable place.

I would recommend this retreat to someone else, it made me feel human and like a person rather than just a waitlist.

I would recommend this retreat because there is a sense of community and supportive.

retreat yoga

These retreats are for any clients on our STAR Counselling waitlist who are either receiving or waiting for counselling. If you are interested in attending, please email us on and we can let you know the dates for the next ones over the next few months.

Please note that these sessions full up fast and that numbers are limited.

We offer a range of other group sessions too. These are STARting with YOU, Growing with YOU and STAR-Light Steps. For more visit

Some of the topics we look at in these groups are:

  • Understanding of what boundaries are and how important a role boundaries play in our own personal wellbeing
  • Learning what compassion is to enable you to implement compassion for yourself
  • An understanding of different attachment styles and what they mean to us
  • What are core beliefs? How do we understand them?


As a staff member who has helped facilitate and organise two retreats, it’s a real pleasure to be there. Seeing clients start to create a lovely community of like-minded people; it’s a relaxing and fun-filled day. You see some people that come in quite anxious, not knowing what to expect. But they leave very content and happy! On occasion clients have swapped numbers and stay in contact, which is amazing to see.

Kristieanna Gibbs

YOU Counselling Team Manager

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